MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Marianas Variety, Jan. 13) - A gang attack on a Marshall Islands man at the New Year sent him to Majuro Hospital with multiple stab wounds.

The attack reads like a scene out of the movies "Gangs of New York" or "Ballistic" but actually happened during daylight hours in Majuro, a city of 25,000 where custom and family ties have for generations limited crime and anti-social behavior.

Barry Briand, who works at Pacific Basin Wholesale and was attacked while on the job, is now convalescing at his family’s home.

A week before he was jumped by three masked, knife-wielding gang members near his workplace, his house in the Rita area if Majuro was trashed by gang members, who broke windows by throwing soccer ball-sized rocks at the house. He says the attacks were by members of the "Kimir Cow" gang, a large group of local teenagers in the downtown area. He said in an interview Thursday that he believes he was attacked because Kimir Cow gang members think he is in a rival gang.

While working at the Pacific Basin Wholesale store, Briand was lured into a container storage area next to the company. As he got into the enclosed container area, three masked gang members jumped him, he says.

When he fought back, two of the gang boys pulled knives and began stabbing him on his side and stomach. As he reacted to protect himself with his arms, the attackers knifed his arms.

When the fight spilled out into public view by the main road, the masked gang members fled. By then, blood was flowing from Briand’s wounds, and he was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Briand says that despite the face masks his attackers were wearing, he recognized one of the three because he lives in his neighborhood. Barry said that he filed complaints with the police on both incidents. No charges have yet been filed.

January 13, 2003

Marians Variety, 

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