SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Feb. 5) - Marianas Cable Vision today will launch on Saipan its CableNET—a high speed Internet access that allows people to download information from the Internet through the cable television line.

With this technology, downloading would be seven to 15 times faster than the normal telephone dialup Internet service.

Steve Coleman, general manager of MCV, said the success of CableNet on Guam prompted MCV to bring the same technology to Saipan in partnership with Saipan.com.

"The Internet service will be faster and more efficient," he said. "Kids, for example, could do their homework faster because they could download faster when doing research."

Aside from giving fast download, MCV’s CableNET also provides full digital broadband service, with up to five dynamic IP addresses—five computers in one home can share a single connection, three e-mail accounts and up to 5 megabytes of personal Web space.

Under the management of Daniel Camacho, Saipan.com is the first company to offer Internet service in the CNMI and is now the first to offer high-speed cable Internet.

"This is yet another example of Saipan.com’s leadership in the Internet industry. This service is a step forward in new technology for Saipan and helps close the digital divide between Saipan and the rest of the world," said Coleman.

He said MCV has several packages available that combine cable television service and MCV CableNET which will save customers money on both services.

For residential cable television customers, this would cost between $50 and $70.

For businesses, a minimum of $199 would include services that allow companies to network with up to 250 computers.

"You cannot put a universal price for businesses because we deal with them on a case by case basis. MCV has customer sales representatives who are ready to answer all the customers’ questions on how this CableNET works. All customers need to do is visit the MCV office on the second floor of Nauru Building and sign up," Coleman said.

During the initial stage of the project, MCV is offering a three-month free subscription when a residential customer purchases a $210 modem.

February 5, 2003

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