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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SBIC, Mar. 1) - Police Commissioner William Morrell and his delegation arrived today at the Isabel Provincial capital Buala, on the first leg of their provincial tour to Isabel, Choiseul, Western and Central Islands Provinces.

Police Media Liaison Officer Charles Fox Lemoa reports from Buala that the group was met at Buala by the Provincial Police Commander, Cecil Kusapa and some provincial government officials and had met with police officers at Buala.

Lemoa says Morrell made a courtesy call on Premier James Habu.

He says the Police Commissioner also visited the Buala Hospital and the hydroelectric plant which supplies power to the provincial headquarters.

Lemoa said that the Commissioner's delegation was treated to a ceremony of feasting, dancing and entertainment at the Guguha Community School near Buala.

He said the spectacular traditional display by students at the school impressed Morrell.

Morrell described the welcome his party received as something he's never seen in his entire career as a police officer.

The Police Commissioner said he's happy to see that people in the rural areas are happy to live their normal lives despite the many problems that are happening in places like Honiara.

Lemoa says Morrell and his delegation will next visit Kia in Isabel province before traveling on to Choiseul.

March 3, 2003

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