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KOSRAE, FSM (Marianas Variety, Mar. 26) - The Governor’s Office has announced nominations of six of the administration’s eight cabinet posts, all current cabinet members.

The nominations, which must go through the process of legislative review and confirmation, are Henry Robert for Director Of Education; Boldon Abraham for Director Of Administration And Finance; Nena Tolenoa for Director Of The Office Of Community Affairs; Singkitchy George for Director Of Commerce And Industry; Nena S. Nena for Director Of Agriculture, Lands And Fisheries; and Bruce Howell for Director Of Public Works.

All of the nominees currently hold the cabinet posts.

Still awaiting appointments are the offices of Attorney General and the Director Of Public Health, as well as the nomination for police chief. Currently, Ronald Bickett is the AG of Kosrae, and Hiroshi Ismael the director of health. Jefferson Timothy is the current chief of police.

Bickett stated that he would accept the nomination should the position be assigned to him.

Ismael stated that he and the governor had discussions and that he would not accept a reappointment to the Cabinet post at Public Health.

March 26, 2003

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