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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SBIC, Mar. 29) - Government Ministers should regularly visit provincial areas to re-build confidence and unity in Solomon Islands.

That’s according to Chairman of National Peace Council, Paul Tovua, who visited the Western Province this week.

Tovua said many people in the province feel that they have been let down by the Government and their concerns have been ignored.

He said that the law and order issue remain the most serious concern to the people of the Western Province.

The NPC Chairman said that police in the area have been without resources for so long that they are demoralized and inoperative, adding that the judicial system is also being compromised by a lack of Magistrates.

He said that communities are therefore cautious and people are frustrated, and this leads up to petty crimes.

Tovua also revealed that groups of vigilantes and mercenaries are hired as security by some communities in the province.

Meanwhile he confirmed the people of Western Province have raised the same issues with the Police Commissioner during his recent tour of the Province.

March 31, 2003

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