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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, March 31) - A local tree farmer
interested in reforestation is questioning the support of the Ministry of
Forest, Environment and Conservation.

Peter Lalaka told SIBC News that the line Ministry responsible
for reforestation is not doing his job.

He adds that there is no supply of seedlings from the Ministry
and that there is no funding from any outside sources to help local farmers.

Lalaka says that the Ministry also hasn't sent out it's
technical officers in the field to be with the tree farmers.

He said that enquiries at the Ministry have revealed that
European Union funding exists for reforestation projects but that farmers
applying for assistance get no reply.

Meanwhile, Lalaka says the $100 price for a kilogram of teak
seedlings is very expensive and he suggests that if the Ministry wants rural
people to be involved in reforestation, they should consider charging the
seedlings for ten dollars a kilogram.

He stresses that many local farmers are struggling to carry out

April 1, 2003

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