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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, April 21) –Tikopia and Anuta
in Temotu province today received some welcome relief supplies as the islands
continue to recover from heavy cyclone damage, much of it inflicted by Cyclone
Zoe in December.

The supplies include rice, clothing and other materials.

National Disaster Management Office media officer Brian Beti
reports from Tikopia that although the relief supplies arrived last Thursday,
they were not able to distribute the supplies because of the Easter Break.

Repairs to the water supply system on Tikopia had already

A volunteer team from Ngongosila on East Malaita has started
repairing and rebuilding classrooms destroyed by cyclone Zoe, which struck the
island Dec. 25.

Two classrooms are to be repaired on Tikopia and another on
Anuta island.

Beti says that vegetation on Tikopia had started to rejuvenate
but warns that this does not mean that people on the devastated islands can now
be left alone.

He says a lot of work and assistance is needed for the full
recovery of the people and islands.

Beti says that at Ravenga on Tikopia, proper houses are yet to
be completed because of the lack of local building materials.

April 22, 2003

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation: http://www.sibconline.com.sb 

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