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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, April 22) – The United
Nations-funded nonprofit organization Pipol Fastime [People First] Network, or
PFNet, says it will be active in all areas of the National Economic Recovery and
Development Plan 2003 to 2005.

The Government's recently announced NERDP focuses on 4 key areas
- normalizing law and order, good governance and fiscal management, revival of
productive sector and normalizing basic services in health and education.

PFNet is set up to provide e-mail access to remote rural areas
in the Solomon Islands as a way of sharing information and promoting sustainable

PFNet Technical Advisor David Leeming says that information and
communications technologies are considered by the world development community to
be key components for socio economic development.

Leeming says PFNet has already piloted formal distance education
over the e-mail system and by connecting rural training centres.

He says PFNet has also developed plans in partnership with the
Ministry of Education and the Stabex 99 Program, to develop rural learning
centers in every province and to strengthen the Ministry database recording
system and build capacity at all levels including in schools.

Leeming says these measures would reduce the dependency on
overseas institutions.

He adds that in the health sector, PF Net has established the
Sasamungga e-mail in Choiseul Province.

Leeming says that there is great potential to strengthen the
health reporting system for rural clinics, and to integrate disaster reporting
systems into the PFNet model.

Leeming noted that PFNet activities are also contributing to
good governance in the Solomon Islands.

April 23, 2003

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation: 

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