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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, April 23) - The Solomon Islands
government has denied being associated in any way with a high-return investment
scheme marketed in the country as the Family Charity Fund.

The Prime Minister's Office makes the clarification following
allegations that Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza and some of his staff had
mishandled bank documents containing money transfers from abroad to the Family
Charity Fund in Honiara.

The Prime Minister's Office says while it sympathizes with
people who had invested their money in the Charity Fund because they cannot get
the returns from their investments, it denies having sighted any bank documents
that suggested money had been received by a Honiara bank through Telegraphic
Transfers for the Charity Fund.

Prime Minister Kemakeza has denied seeing the telegraphic
transfer documents.

Meanwhile, Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, Edward
Kingmele also denies that he has seen the documents.

Kingmele categorically denies being associated with the Fund,
nor an advocate or financial member.

Kingmele said the allegations by operators of Family Charity
Fund that he had mishandled such documents are totally false.

The Fund had also alleged in the past the involvement of
reputable figures like the Central Bank Governor Rick Hou and Honiara
Businessman Rolland Timo.

Both had made public their denial of having association with the
Family Charity Fund.

Early this month, police requested a refund of their deposits in
the fund.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands, Rick Hou,
in February questioned why Police had not laid any charges against the promoters
of the Family Charity Fund.

Hou said the activities of the Family Charity Fund in collecting
money from people, and promising them large sums of money in return contradicts
the nature of services provided under charitable organisations.

Hou said the Central Bank reported the activities of the fund to
the Police last year for investigation but so far police have not made any

He has publicly denied in public any involvement with the Family
Charity Fund, which he said has led customers to believe that the Central Bank
plays a major role in getting their money into the country.


April 24, 2003

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