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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, April 23) - Five thousand
bundles of sago palm leaves from Makira province are yet to be shipped to
victims of cyclone Zoe on Tikopia and Anuta islands of Temotu Province.

The devastating storm hit the islands with winds approaching 200
miles per hour in December.

Deputy Director of the National Disaster Management Office
Martin Karani confirms that this is the reason that many of the thatched houses
on Tikopia and Anuta remain without roofs.

Karani said that a recent shipment was not able to load the sago
palm leaves as the boat was already full in Honiara with food supplies and other
materials for schools on the two islands.

However, Karani said arrangements are being made to have the
remaining sago palm leaves sent to the two Islands.

The national Disaster Management office expects 7,000 bundles of
sago palm leaves to be sent to the two islands.

April 24, 2003

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation: 

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