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MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Yokwe, April 24) - Police reportedly
arrested 10 people after a brawl in which a 14-year-old boy and his father were
attacked at a bus stop near McNary High School, Salem-Keizer, Oregon.

Seven of the 10 people arrested are Marshall Islanders, said
spokesman Sgt. Jeff Kuhns, who said that appears to be how they knew each other.
The brawl was the one of the largest in Keizer, drawing a crowd of 100, said

According to Portland's KATU news the arrests included: L.
Gideon, L. Briand, J. Ruma, D. Langimeo, G. Popo, K. Jajo, J. Juda, M. Martinez,
P. Gonalzez, and L. Lopez.

The online news service has posted photos of those arrested.

Three were from McNary High School, two from North High, two
from South High, one from McKay High, and two did not attend school.

Although it was reported earlier that no weapons were involved,
the police have now charged Kanera Jajo, a North High student, with carrying a
concealed weapon, which was a writing pen containing a sharp, 2½-inch knife.

Sgt. Kuhns said that it started last week with "very small
bumping into one another" in the school hallways. The other boy complained
of the bumping to a 16-year-old friend who also goes to McNary, Kuhns said. The
friend decided to get even, and gathered several other teenagers to jump the
McNary student on Tuesday, according to the newspaper Stateman Journal.

School officials said if the fight wasn't gang related, it was a
gang mentality.

On Thursday, the police announced that there is videotape of the
fight by a student who said he heard rumors it would happen near school. That
video identifies others which will lead to further arrests said the Keizer

So far, two adults and eight teenagers have been charged with
rioting and third-degree assault.

In a recent interview with the Oregon Stateman Journal, Ricky
Alik, representing the Marshallese Community Organization, said there are 700 to
800 Marshallese now residing in the greater Salem area.

He said that the migrants have trouble adjusting to life in the
United States and Salem, including how to deal with law enforcement or the law.

April 25, 2003

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