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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SBIC, April 27) - Work carried out by
the various House of Chiefs in North Malaita is reported to have reduced
criminal activities in the area.

David Dauta, secretary of the Boboa house of Chiefs, said that
apart from introducing traditional ways of solving issues, the House of Chiefs
also put in place community policing.

Dauta said that within North Malaita there are six House Of
Chiefs and very soon will come under the umbrella organization to be known as
the Toabaita Council of Chiefs.

He hopes that the same system can be applied in other
constituencies throughout the provinces because this system reaps benefits.

Meanwhile, Dauta urged the government to make provisions
available in its yearly budget to meet costs of services provided by chiefs.

He said if the work of the chiefs is strengthened in rural
areas, there will be less criminal activities and development can continue.

Dauta said the Chiefs work can include weekly awareness programs
to teach young people respect and other virtues of life.

He said that so far, AusAID has assisted the chiefs in the area
and the result have been very satisfactory with law and order returning and
people respect their elders and traditional custom values.

April 28, 2003

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation:

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