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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SBIC, April 27) – The Solomon Islands
government is set to work on what it considers the five pillars to economic
recovery of a shattered economy devastated by the ruins of two years ethnical

Addressing a seminar by the Economic Association of Solomon
Islands in Honiara on Friday, Minister for National Reform and Planning, Nollen
Leni, said these pillars will form the basis of full economic recovery under
government's National Economic Recovery and Development Plan 2003 to 2005.

They include the restoration of law and order, good governance,
fiscal and financial stability, public sector reform, support for productive
sector and infrastructure development and provision of social services.

Leni said that government's 2002 national economic recovery
plan, which was presented at the government and Donor countries meeting in June
last year wa, hampered by constraints.

He said the expected level of support and assistance from the
development partners did not materialized.

But despite that, he said the Solomons government made
considerable progress in implementing the plan with some assistance from the
development partners.

He said the obvious achievement was to a certain degree made in
the restoration of law and order which gave the public confidence for being
under a secured environment.

But Leni said the situation with regards to law and order
remains a challenge.

He said while a number of weapons have yet to be returned to the
authorities, the situation in the Guadalcanal Weather coast with fresh killings
by rebel leader Harold Keke did not help in what government is trying to

Leni thanked governments of Australia and New Zealand and the
UNDP for their assistance in trying to restore law and order and normalcy in the

April 28, 2003

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