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CHUUK, FSM (Marianas Variety, April 29) — In the middle of
this month, a fire, blamed on a candle, totally destroyed a three-year-old
handicrafts market in the heart of downtown Weno.

The administrative island of Weno recently experienced power
generation cut-off, prompting the islanders to use candles.

A Chuuk State government fire truck was called to contain the
water. The fire department is about three-fourth of a mile from the market. The
fire truck arrived promptly but it could not rescue the market for it had no

The U.S. Air Force was then called upon and only then was the
fire contained.

A reliable source also advised this reporter that the
government-run fire trucks assigned to the airport normally do not have water.

In the past, this was proven when the fire trucks rushed to some
fires to do its job only to find out that its tanks were empty.

In a similar situation, a major fire swept downtown Majuro last
month, destroying commercial and residential properties after an empty fire
truck arrived on the scene.

April 29, 2003

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