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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, April 28) - Work is underway to
meet demands of people in rural areas to have quicket and easier access to the

In its monthly publication, Solomon Telekom says that it is
taking the action following complaints from businesses of long waits before they
are able to connect to the internet.

This is because of the limited number of lines available to
provincial exchanges which makes it hard to make trunk and international calls
as well as connections to the Internet.

The publication, "Nius blong Telekom," says that Buala
and Munda office complexes will be opened by the middle of this year.

It says these centers will provide additional internet and
e-mail services.

The Auki Business center is also undergoing expansion with the
aim of giving additional quality services to its customers there.

April 29, 2003

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation: 

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