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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, May 14) – A week after a
special election to find new leadership on Nauru, the country’s parliament
remains deadlocked. As in earlier meetings of the newly elected body, Parliament
yesterday was unable to name a Speaker, or a new President.

The clerk of parliament, Freddie Cain, said none of the members
of parliament put their names forward to be nominated for speaker, a position
that must be filled before the president is elected.

Cain said some members of parliament are now saying that
parliament needs to be dissolved and new elections held if the deadlock between
the factions can’t be broken.

"There are three different groups and I think the bottom
line is nobody has the numbers," Cain said.

Another session is to be held on Thursday in an attempt to break
the impasse.

Cain said the caretaker government and caretaker president,
Derog Gioura, would continue operating until the situation is resolved.

Nauru has been lead by a provisional government since President
Bernard Dowiyogo died unexpectedly on March 10.

May 14, 2003

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