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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, May 27) - The Japanese
government will fund five e-mail stations in the Solomon Islands at a cost of
nearly $558,000.

The Japanese Charge d’ affaires, Kiyoshi Takahama and the
chairman of Rural Development Volunteers Association, Allan Agassi, did the
signing of the documents relating to the project today at the Japanese Embassy.

The e-mail stations will be built at Sa'a in South Malaita,
Santa Anna in the Makira Ulawa Province, Seghe in Western province, Pangoe on
Choiseul and Matamoana on Bellona Island.

The funding will also assist in the expansion of the rural
e-mail hub in Honiara.

The need to expand the Honiara hub resulted from an increase in
the number of e-mails received from rural-based stations and to increase income
to sustain the project.

The Japanese government had earlier funded the establishment of
the Pirupiru e-mail station on Ulawa and Kati on Santa Cruz.

Takahama said that through the funding, it is hope communication
will be accessible to people in rural areas at affordable rates. Agassi thanked
the Japanese government for the assistance which will enable people in rural
areas have a taste of modern communication technology.

May 28, 2003 Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp.: www.sibconline.com.sb 

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