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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, May 29) - Nauru has a new
President - Ludwig Scotty, a former minister in the previous administration.

In a vote of Parliament, Scotty beat former President Kinza
Clodumar for the presidency, 10 votes to 7.

Fabian Ribauw, a newly elected member of parliament from the
Nauru First party, was chosen as the Speaker of Parliament with Kieren Keke as
his deputy.

The Clerk of Parliament, Freddie Cain, said the elections came
after a series of failed attempts because of an impasse among the 18 members of
parliament divided in three factions and unwilling to put forward nominations
for the Speaker.

"There are three factions, out of those three factions, two
factions decided to get together and elect a speaker as well as the
president," Cain said.

He said one of the factions was led by former President Derog
Gioura and the other faction led by David Adeang.

"Now we can hopefully get on with the job and the budget is
coming up in the second week in June."

Cain said the president is expected to announce his cabinet in
the next few days

May 30, 2003

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