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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, June 25) - Opposition Spokesman
on Foreign Affairs and East Kwaio Member of Parliament Alfred Sasako said he is
encouraged by the momentum of the proposed Australian-led intervention to
restore law and order in Solomon Islands.

In a statement today, Sasako said the fact that Foreign
Ministers of the region would be discussing the issue in Sydney next week raises
hopes for a new beginning among Solomon Islands people whose livelihood have
been destroyed.

Sasako said it is sad that it has taken more than four years for
the region to realize one of its members is in deep trouble and needs urgent

He said the meeting itself is recognition that the problem is no
longer an internal one, but rather a regional problem, which calls for a
regional response.

Sasako said Australia must be congratulated for spearheading the

Meanwhile, Sasako appealed to the region’s Foreign Ministers
meeting next week to ensure the planned intervention embrace three important
considerations, namely timeframe, target operation and post-intervention vacuum.

He said, unless the post intervention period is adequately
addressed it could undo all that was achieved in the entire operation itself.

June 26, 2003

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp.: 

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