HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, July 21) - The Ministry of Lands and Survey has lost track of the land it owns and that which has been sold, legally or illegally.

Lands and Survey Minister Siriako Usa revealed the situation in parliament last week.

Usa said the Ministry of lands does not know how much government land exists in the country, nor the amount of crown land allocated.

He added that even the Ministry does not know the locality of all crown land.

Usa said the government must take stock of all government lands and produce land tenure maps.

He added that many people living on Temporary Occupation Licence lands do not have valid licenses.

Usa said in many circumstances, people have encroached into customary lands and have upset landowning tribes.

He admitted that his staff has been threatened when following up on the collection fees in various settlements, especially in Honiara.

In other Developments, Usa expressed anger at the way in which development has been carried out illegally.

He said many of the people involved in the illegal projects do not have land titles transferred to them or even have building permits.

Usa added that these illegal developers also threatened his staff when they were approached to stop their construction work until procedures are followed.

July 22, 2003

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