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By Theresa Merto

HAGATNA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Aug. 7) - Attorney General
Douglas Moylan's two children and his ex-wife could take the stand today in the
ongoing domestic case between Moylan and his second wife.

Douglas Moylan continued testifying yesterday in the Superior
Court of Guam on why the temporary restraining orders against him and his
estranged wife, Deborah Moylan, should not be made permanent.

On July 22, Deborah Moylan filed for divorce from Douglas Moylan
and asked the court for a temporary restraining order after she alleged her
husband abused her, according to Pacific Daily News files. Douglas Moylan denied
the accusations and said it was Deborah Moylan who had attacked him during the
Liberation Day weekend. He was granted a restraining order against her on July

Attorney Tom Fisher, who is representing Douglas Moylan, said he
expects to call four people to the stand today, including the attorney general's
children. Deborah Moylan's attorney, David Mair, said he plans to call two
rebuttal witnesses: his client and Douglas Moylan's ex-wife, Doris Leon

The plan to call Douglas Moylan and Leon Guerrero's 10-year-old
and 12-year-old children to the stand was contested yesterday.

Attorney Jeff Cook, who is representing Leon Guerrero, told the
judge that it would not be in the children's best interest to testify, and the
experience could be traumatic. Cook asked that a guardian be appointed to the
children. Judge Joaquin Manibusan appointed the Public Defender's Office to
represent the children.

Mair asked Douglas Moylan why he chose to have the children
testify in the "hotly contested, publicized" proceeding.

"Who is benefiting?" Mair asked.

Douglas Moylan responded: "All I want to do is have the
truth come out."

During the hearing, the attorney general said he had
"pinned" his wife on the floor in December last year. He said she was
"screaming" so the neighbors could hear what was going on in their

"It wasn't for help. It was to embarrass me," Douglas
Moylan said. "I wasn't hurting her. I was trying to stop her from hitting

Mair then asked Douglas Moylan why he filed a complaint with
police against his wife only after she had filed for divorce.

On July 22, Douglas and Deborah Moylan filed domestic violence
complaints against each other with the Guam Police Department, citing alleged
abuse. Deborah Moylan was arrested the following day for allegedly attacking her
husband on July 18 and 20, but was released from prison later that day. Douglas
Moylan was not arrested.

Douglas Moylan said he filed the police report after he learned
she had made allegations against him of physical abuse. He said he also went to
police to "preserve the evidence."

"I love my wife," Douglas Moylan said. "I did not
want to embarrass her or the family."

He said Criminal Investigation Section officers questioned him
about his complaint and at one point he spoke with acting Police Chief Earl
Aguigui via phone. It was not asked in court what was discussed.

During the hearing, the attorney general said Aguigui also was
at the section's office in Tiyan when he was being questioned. Police have said
Douglas Moylan did not receive preferential treatment.

Douglas Moylan's mother, Jane Moylan, testified yesterday that
on July 19 she saw the scratches on her son's stomach and chest area. She also
said that several days later, she saw a puncture wound on his face.

"I was really shocked," she said.

She said she often saw the couple during their yearlong marriage
and they appeared to be happy.

"Debbie was always smiling," she said.

August 7, 2003

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