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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, Aug. 13) - Prime Minister Allan
Kemakeza left Honiara yesterday to attend the Pacific Forum in Auckland, New

Before leaving, Kemakeza brushed aside criticisms by the
Parliamentary Opposition that his attendance at the Forum would be an
embarrassment to the nation.

This is in view of serious allegations leveled against him by
former militants for his involvement in crimes committed during the three-years
of ethnic violence in the country.

He said his attendance at the Pacific Forum is more important
than listening to criticisms that hold no substance.

Kemakeza insists that anyone with grudges or allegations against
the Prime Minister has the right to prove his or her allegations under the
country's judicial system and the courts.

He added that he had made it clear from the start that no one
including the Prime Minister is above the law.

Opposition Leader, John Martin Garo had called on the Prime
Minister to step down and allow for investigation into his alleged involvement
with former militants during the three years of ethnical violence, which wrecked
Solomon Islands economy by lawlessness and disorder.

August 13, 2003

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp.: 


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