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CNMI, Saipan (Marianas Variety, Aug. 20) –The Northern
Marianas island of Anatahan has shown no signs of major volcanic activities for
over a month, according to the Emergency Management Office and the U.S.
Geological Survey.

In an update released yesterday, EMO and USGS said Anatahan’s
volcanic seismicity for the past 24 hours had been low "at a level similar
to that of the past month or so."

"There were no apparent eruption signals or precursory
events. Tremor and seismic energy release are low," said the report,
prepared by EMO geophysical seismic technician Juan T. Camacho, EMO geophysical
instrument specialist Ramon Chong and USGS geologist Frank Trusdell.

They said the tectonic events during the past 24 hours had
occurred from the same source that produced several similar events over the last
week or so, at about 30 to 45 km. slant distance from the summit of Anatahan.

"Owing to the linear configuration of the island network,
we cannot determine how shallow the events are, but they seem too far away to be
related to Anatahan," the report said.

The first historical eruption of Anatahan began on the evening
of May 10.

An eruption column as high as 10 kilometers resulted in a
far-reaching eruption cloud.

No one was directly threatened by the initial activity because
residents had already evacuated the small volcanic island that measures 9
kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide and is located about 120 kilometers north
of Saipan.

"Thus far, the eruption has consisted of a nearly
continuous small eruption column of less than 5 km. punctuated by stronger
explosive activity," said EMO and USGS.

August 20, 2004

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