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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, Aug. 24) - The help of the
Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, will not displace any
public servants from their jobs.

Clarifying concerns by some public officers that RAMSI's help
would replace some of them, RAMSI's Senior Aid Advisor Margaret Thomas, said her
understanding is that no one is being displaced from their jobs by the
assistance from the Mission.

Thomas told a press conference last week that many of the areas
which RAMSI is providing help are vacant and that there have not been qualified
Solomon Islanders identified for the positions.

She cited two examples; the position of the Public Solicitor and
the Solicitor General.

Thomas added that RAMSI is not displacing Solomon Islanders,
saying they aim to recruit more local people into the legal system, building
their capacity over time.

She said RAMSI will help fill critical vacancies and gaps in the
justice system.

This will include: administration support for the High Court and
a law librarian; up to six additional Magistrates, additional lawyers for the
Public Solicitor's Office, two public prosecutors, an advisor to work with
police prosecutors and administration support for those various offices.

Thomas said appointments are being trained and, as with the
finance system, they will be formalized through the Public Service and the
Justice Legal Services Commissions.

She stressed that training and professional development of these
staff will be critical and will be a large part of RAMSI's objectives.

August 25, 2003

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp.: www.sibconline.com.sb 


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