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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Aug. 28) -
Homosexuality has been condemned for allegedly promoting hatred between the

Deputy Prime Minister and Trade and Industry Minister Dr Allan
Marat claimed an attack on manhood was being championed by the "gay and
lesbian lobby and feminist movements’’.

He said this at the launch of the Christian Men’s Network, a
religious movement with members from leading lights in government and the
judiciary, in Madang earlier this month.

He said the gay and feminist movements had a "demonic
agenda’’ to create division and hatred between the sexes.

"Blinded by their feminist ideology and perverted lust for
those who are members of their own sex, feminists and homosexuals think that
they are fighting for their ‘rights’, whatever they may be, but in actual
fact they are playing into the trap of the Master deceiver,’’ Dr Marat said.

He also condemned some media advertisements for giving publicity
on homosexual behaviours. Dr Marat’s office told the Post-Courier yesterday
that some advertisements like those in the entertainment sections of the
newspapers and on television and radio stations were encouraging homosexual

The office said advertisements like wet T-shirt competitions,
mud wrestling, karamap condom and giving full publicity on "muddygrub’’
shows for gays and lesbians had caused men to spend money on drink and go home
drunk and beat their wives.

Dr Marat said that within the last 18 to 24 months, homosexual
behaviour in PNG was openly displayed on television, in newspaper advertisements
and night clubs.

He said even the government endorsed donor-funded programs like
the HIV/AIDS campaign which gave the subtle message that promiscuous sex was
okay as long as the person used condoms.

"Some churches in Australia have already voted for
homosexual pastors and minister to be ordained and if Christian men in Papua New
Guinea remain in the backseat, you will have these funny people with a perverted
sexuality ministering from pulpits and spreading this deceptive spirit to the
congregation,’’ Mr Marat said. "For those men who go home drunk and
beat their wives, spend all their fortnightly wage and have no respect for their
women folk, you are not only giving ammunition to the homosexual lobby and
feminist movement but failing in your duty towards your God by not following his
commands and doing his will which is to love your wife and protect and provide
for her."

August 28, 2003

Papua New Guinea Post-Courier:


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