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By Theresa Merto

HAGATNA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Aug. 29) - A Department of
Administration employee was indicted yesterday on charges she allegedly used
government funds to purchase airline tickets for her husband and daughter.

Precy N. Andaya, 41, faces charges of theft of property held in
trust as a third-degree felony; theft as a third-degree felony; and official
misconduct as a misdemeanor, according to court documents. Superior Court of
Guam Presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena issued a $5,000 arrest warrant for Andaya
late yesterday afternoon.

As an acting general accounting supervisor, Andaya had several
responsibilities including overseeing tipping fees, inactive accounts and the
department's travel authorizations, assistant Attorney General James Casey said.

In June 2001, Andaya attended a training seminar on government
contract law in Washington, D.C., Casey said. She put in a request for that
seminar and obtained price quotes from three travel agencies. The trip was
eventually approved by the Bureau of Budget and Management Research.

"On one of those quotes, a draft was cut by DOA in the
amount of $3,078.96. That was a non-restrictive air fare. Non-restrictive air
fare is essentially, you can cancel it at any time, you won't get bumped off the
flight," Casey said.

"As opposed to an excursion, (which) is something that is
purchased in advance. It is a lower price obviously, but if you cancel you get a
penalty and you might get bumped."

But instead of getting the approved non-restrictive air fare,
Andaya allegedly purchased an excursion air fare, Casey said.

The excursion air fare to Washington, D.C., was $1,725.46, Casey
said. The difference in ticket prices was $1,353.50.

"What she did with the difference was apply that to tickets
on behalf of her husband and daughter. She used that to offset the balance
due," Casey said.

Andaya also did not fill out a trip declaration, which is
required to be submitted to the department's accounting division within 10 days
of return, Casey said.

"It legitimizes your trip. None was filed by her and that
is largely contributed to the fact that she was in charge," Casey said.
"A check and balance was absent here. She essentially abused the position
of trust which was reposed in her."

August 29, 2003

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