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By Ulysses Torres Sabuco

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Sept. 15) - Senator
Ramon S. Guerrero on Friday vented his ire on reporters, shouting at them as he
declared "war" against the media.

Guerrero, American Reform-Saipan, accused newspaper reporters of
"intimidation, biased reporting, and lying."

"All the confusion (is) caused by you guys," he said,
glaring at the reporters in the session hall. "I will fight you until you
make it clear to the people of the commonwealth," he said.

Variety reported on Friday that Sen. Joaquin G. Adriano, D-Tinian,
was urging the Attorney General’s Office to prosecute Guerrero and Sen. Thomas
P. Villagomez, R-Saipan.

Guerrero said Adriano and Sen. Paul A. Manglona, R-Rota, should
be "compelled" to attend tomorrow’s session.

He called Manglona’s group "stooges and maggots."

Asked for comment, Manglona said Guerrero’s remarks show that
"they’re also worrying about the legality of their actions."

Some legislative staffers, for their part, expressed
disappointment over Guerrero’s outburst.

"He could have said it politely," a staffer said.
"It was uncalled for," another employee added.

After Guerrero’s speech, Sen. David M. Cing, D-Tinian, said he
"sympathizes" with the senator, adding that "I have a couple of
Valium in my office to cool him down."

Guerrero was cited by a 1995 Office of the Public Auditor report
for misspending public funds when he was the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.’s
executive director.

Villagomez, for his part, has been implicated in the
"no-show job" scheme that led to the federal indictment of Sen.
Ricardo S. Atalig, R-Rota, and former Sen. Jose M. Dela Cruz, D-Tinian.
Villagomez refused to comment on the issue.

In his speech, Guerero said he is already "tired" of
responding to the "childish actions" and "unnecessary
remarks" of Manglona and Adriano. Guerrero said he received 5,800 votes in
the 1999 elections. "If the media (will) continue to call me up...because
of (the OPA report), have your publisher file a suit," he said.

He said Adriano should "look behind" him. "The
ghost behind you is greater than what your face can show in this
newspaper," Guerrero said as he slammed his desk repeatedly. He added that
the media should "help" the public "understand" that the
sessions held by the four "new majority" senators were
"legal." "Tell the people that what we have done is good for
them!" he said.

September 15, 2003

Marianas Variety:


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