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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, Sept. 15) - The legal battle over
the treatment of French Polynesian politician Henri Flohr is going ahead with
the setting of a trial date in November.

A Papeete court this week dealt with procedural matters
concerning abuse of power charges being brought by a retired public servant and
opposition politicians against Mr Flohr and other leading authorities.

The charges concern the alleged failure of authorities to have
Mr Flohr removed following unsuccessful appeals against his conviction for the
misuse of public funds.

The court says the charges will be heard in the criminal court
on November the 18th.

A French Polynesian journalist, Alex du Prel, says there will be
intense public interest in the court case.

"The main interest will be how the justice is applied
because the protection of the politicians is so blatant in this
matter....everybody will look at it to see that the justice is independent and
that no influences are being exercised on justice."

September 15, 2003

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