PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, Oct. 2) - Some works of local PNG artists are being reproduced and sold overseas for substantial amount of money, said a local artist.

Visual artist, Julie Mota told the national workshop on Copyright and Neighboring Act 2000 that in her travels overseas she has found that some local PNG artwork have been used overseas to make extra money without the consent of the local owners.

She said one good example is of her own private painting, which she gave as a parting gift to a foreign friend.

She was shocked to learn a year later that the friend went back to her country and reproduced and resold her painting in Germany, USA and China.

Ms Mota said it is good that with the copyright law in place, it would now protect local artwork from being misused without the owner's consent.

She said she also surprised to learn that a Sepik carving was made in China.

She said the famous Sepik carving has been reproduced and sold to other countries with the attribution of its production country as China.

She said with the copyright law in place, this should address such illegal practices and also would ensure that the PNG artists have contracts in black and white before their art works are being sold overseas so that they benefit from it.

October 3, 2003

The National:


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