MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Oct. 7) - A new international report says Indonesia ranks as one of the world's most corrupt nations.

The Berlin-based Transparency International has cited widespread graft in Indonesia's public sector and judicial system.

The report says Indonesia is at the bottom of its list of corrupt countries, along with Kenya. But it says Indonesia is ahead of Burma, Angola, Cameroon, Paraguay, Nigeria and Haiti.

The list rates 103 nations on a score out of a possible perfect 10, with Indonesia placing a score of 1.9.

Teten Masduki, coordinator of Indonesia Corruption Watch, a non-governmental watchdog, says Indonesia's ranking, worse compared to last year's ranking of 96, is "not a surprise because widespread corruption can be seen at every level."

"At every level, whether it's bureaucratic, political or judicial, corruption is the day-to-day means to make money," he said.

He says Indonesia "desperately needs a leader who has a solid track record and high integrity. Whoever leads this country next year should focus on finding ways to increase the salary and standard of living for public officials and law enforcers," he said.

October 8, 2003

Radio Australia:


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