By Shirley Randall

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Port Vila Presse, Oct. 13) - Vanuatu Tusker Premium has won a gold medal and a trophy for Vanuatu Brewery Limited, at the New Zealand Beer Cup in 2003 in Nelson.

It is the second award for VBL this year, adding to the bronze medal won earlier at Ballarat, Australia.

This week Mr. David Hudson, president of the Rotary Club of Port Vila, congratulated Rotarian Mr. Lennart Saetmark, Master Brewer for VBL, on the company's achievement.

VBL enters the two international competitions for wine and beer held every year in the South Pacific.

There are different groups in the competitions depending on the type of beer; for example, draught, bottled, or canned beer. There are several sections as well, for example, International, Australia and New Zealand. The judging panel must include at least 40 percent international judges. The others can come from breweries in New Zealand (30 percent) and Australia (30 percent).

After Vanuatu became an independent country, VBL entered the International section for class 3 premium lager beer. This is the hardest competition of all classes because it is open to lager beer from every country in the world.

Internationally, the consumption of lager beer accounts for more than 60 percent of all beer sold. Vanuatu Premium Lager has now earned the distinction of being named the best in this class.

Master Brewer for VBL, Mr. Lennart Saetmark, has been an international judge at the New Zealand International Beer Awards for several years, and has much experience in judging numerous beers from around the world.

"Vanuatu must be proud of having a brewery that can brew a gold-medal quality premium lager ahead of major breweries from around the world," Mr. Saetmark said.

Previous awards for TBL have included four silver medals and 14 bronze medals for Tusker Premium, Vanuatu Bitter, Southern Cross Stout and Tusker Ice.

October 16, 2003

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