SYDNEY, Australia (ABC News Online, Oct. 27) - Associates of the detained Solomons Islands militant leader, Jimmy Rasta, have accused the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission (RAMSI) police of ransacking his premises, mistreating his wife and taking away large quantities of liquor and cash when they arrested him 11-days-ago.

They claim that the visiting police officers made people kneel in the sun for four hours.

One of the men who was in the premises during the raid, John Elesi, claims the police from RAMSI used a four-wheel-drive to burst through the gate and held guns to the heads of all who were there even children.

"The RAMSI people, when they stormed this place, they took all the properties like drinks, and even they entered the house, they throw everything around," he said.

"They caused a real mess in the house, and even the money."

RAMSI police contingent head Ben McDevitt makes no apologies saying his offices took appropriate action.

"In actual fact over $26,000 in cash was seized and forty-five boxes of alcohol, as I understand it," he said. "All of that material, that money and that alcohol, was exhibited on the day, in conformance with police procedures and obviously it will form part of the evidence which is produced in court."

October 28, 2003

ABC News Online:


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