PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Nov. 27) - Shameful and disgusting. That is the way we can describe the events in Parliament yesterday.

The conduct of the MPs yesterday confirms the fears of many Papua New Guineans that political leaders are not ready to usher in a new era of stability in our political system.

Political selfishness and greed seem to continue to take precedence over the cry of the people for stability to allow the Government to get on with the job of governing the nation and delivering on its policies for economic recovery as well as better delivery of health, education and other much-needed services.

The people of PNG are fed up with this type of behavior by their elected leaders. They are crying out for stability and prosperity. 

The standards of living for the majority of the people are worse off now than they have ever been and there is still no hope of reversing this downward trend — unless there is stability in politics and Government.

Ever since independence, no Government has been allowed to run the country for the full term of five years — let alone implement its policies intended to raise the standard of living for all Papua New Guineans.

The frequent changes of Government has done irreparable damage to peoples’ lives. All basic services such as health, education and infrastructure have deteriorated to appalling levels. The efforts of this Government alone — even if it remains in power for the full five-year term — will not be enough to restore the services to satisfactory levels.

We should be mindful that despite the many positive achievements over the years, our ability as a nation to achieve more good things continues to suffer because of the continuous failure on the part of politicians to see political stability as an important pre-requisite to national progress and prosperity.

Parliamentary privilege does not mean putting selfish political interests before the national interest. We say that if the Integrity Law Amendment is not passed, then we can kiss goodbye to political stability in PNG. 

November 27, 2003

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