By Agnes M. Abrau

KOROR (Palau Horizon, Dec. 10) — Jackson Ngiraingas won the Peleliu gubernatorial elections on Dec. 4, garnering 84 more votes than his closest rival, Postol Remeliik.

Ngiraingas, a former governor of the state, had a total of 230 votes, according to the unofficial election results released by the Election Commission.

Remeliik received 146 votes while Kangichi Uchau had 123 votes.

Of the states’s 555 registered voters, 512 cast their ballots.

For the five at-large state legislative seats, Immigration Officer III Joseph Giramur topped the race with 331 votes.

The other winning candidates were Roman Ridep with 319 votes; Evence Kebekol, 267; Hermana S. Bingkelang, 260; and Johannes "Hanes" Tsuneo, 252.

Finishing sixth was Fuanny Ngiruos Blunt with 233 votes. There were two other losing candidates — Margar Ichiro-Nabeyama, 161; and Dick R. Ngotel, 88.

For the hamlet seats, Andres Napoleon won unopposed in Ngerchol with 101 votes, and Kelbesang Soalablai received 51 votes in Ngerdelolk.

In Ngesias, Joe B. Nabuo won with 78 votes, defeating Eriko Malchiyanged, who received 47 votes.

Edwight Mengirarou won the Ngerkeukl seat with 72 votes while Gene Ikel won in Teliu with 26 votes.

The new officials will be sworn in on Jan. 1, 2004.

December 10, 2003

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