By Jane Resture

Special to Pacific Islands Report

GOLD COAST, Australia (Dec. 11) - Three years ago, a letter was placed in a bottle and set adrift from the northern Kiribati island of Butaritari in the Central Pacific Ocean.

The sender was Peter Tebainea who, according to an acquaintance, worked at that time as a court clerk in the village of Temanokunuea on Butaritari.

After three years, the bottle found its way from the Central Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and one could only speculate on the journey it took to get there.

The bottle's seaward journey ended at Cadiz beach in Spain, where it was found by a a man named Reyes, who was holidaying there with his friends from Seville.

Reyes contacted the Jane Resture Oceania website, in search of the Butaritari bottle-sender.

Tebainea was married to a local girl and has now left the island of Butaritari and is understood to be working on a ship at sea and consequently he has no idea that the bottle has been found.

The weathered letter, as deciphered, reads:

"I am 24 years old and live in Kiritati. Since was born in 1976 before Kiribati having independence. 1979 while the British govermens handover to Kiribaty to oron (sic) and control its policy and the people of kiribaty. I was attending tha school (college) and I look forward for somebody to request some find for the continue of my schooling upon studying the law and development of social for new generation.

"If you are interested with me request please write to me to the above address. My reward to you I will allow you to having holiday with my family in Butaritari beautiful island, and also tour around unhabited small islet around and having photos with those islands. You may also see corals reef, birds, fish and shels pearls and every living creatures living in my island ocean.

Your hand seponson is more highly appreciated

Yours faithfully

Peter Tebainea"

December 11, 2003

Jane Resture:


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