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MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Yokwe Online, Jan. 1) - The Marshall Islands community and friends are saddened at the loss of Neibor Milne Okney, a well-known Majuro resident.

In memory of Neibor, the "aeraak," a traditional Marshallese service that closes the official mourning period, was held on December 30 at the family house in Ajeltake, Majuro Atoll.

Many people, including Marshall Islands President Kessai Note and his wife, attended what was a very pleasant and fitting ceremony.

Neibor, 51, died in the early morning hours of December 20 in a tragic car accident.

After more than a week of mourning, in what is becoming a more accepted practice in the Marshall Islands, she was cremated on December 29.

She was a well-known and very talented Marshallese handicraft artist and part owner of the RN Beauty Salon.

She was an active member of the Women's Athletic Club. Neibor is survived by her husband, Phil, her son, Milner, her daughter, Melinda, and two grandchildren.

"Neibor will be greatly missed."

January 2, 2003

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