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APIA, Samoa (Samoalive Jan. 6) - The all clear has been given for local and overseas sea and air travel to resume following the departure of cyclone Heta.

The inter-island ferries are to start tomorrow morning with a number of special trips to move the backlog of visitors who got stuck in Savaii during the cyclone.

Air New Zealand has announced its flights Tuesday afternoon (Samoa time).

The Upolu eastern road has now been opened to Aleipata following the clearing of the debris, mainly from the devastation of the roads by the rough seas.

It is now estimated that all the roads on both Savaii and Upolu will be accessible by Tuesday afternoon.However, the traveling public has been urged to be careful with some of the temporary repairs carried out today to get the traffic flowing around the country.

The road to Faleolo Airport was opened up Monday afternoon after private contractors set up temporary passes at the sections of the of the road which were washed out by the heavy wave action during the cyclone.

The main road to the eastern coast of Upolu can now be accessed up to Luatuanu'u  after the major road repairs to the coastal villages Moataa, Fagalii and Laulii.

The national water and electricity supplies were still out on Monday.Only those with private generators had electricity.

January 8, 2004



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