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By Marian A. Maraya

SAIPAN, CNMI (Saipan Tribune, Feb. 1) - The Second Senatorial District has reportedly agreed to turn over at least two of its idle generators to the Northern Islands as part of efforts to help its residents resettle into the remote islands.

Saipan senator Luis P. Crisostimo made the announcement in a media conference Friday, which he vowed to conduct monthly.

Crisostimo officially informed Northern Islands Mayor Valentin Taisakan of the assistance being offered by Tinian, as both headed to the island on Friday to personally identify the generator units that would be sent to either Pagan or Alamagan.

The generators are envisioned to light up portions of the Northern Islands, especially Pagan which is reportedly now populated by 20 individuals.

"It [generators] would probably be suitable for Pagan. The residents really want to move back to Pagan and I think it's more populated there. Everything is feasible in that island. We can even reopen the runway and I think we will have more population in Pagan," Taisakan told reporters.

The generators, according to Crisostimo, is envisioned to bring Northern Island residents more convenience and pave the way for 20 to 22 hours of continuous power supply.

"They would probably have a better lifestyle. They could use the electric iron. Sometimes, during storms in the Northern Islands, people cannot pick wood to use for cooking. So this has to be mostly for their comfort and a little convenience that the mayor has longed for even before I went into office," said the freshman senator.

He vowed to continue lobbying for more support for the Northern Islands to expedite the resettlement of its people.

Crisostimo said he would be asking the federal government's assistance so that the CNMI government would not have to shoulder the financial burden of airlifting the generators to the Northern Islands.

"We're hoping too that a lot of businesses will contribute because eventually the [Northern Islands] is the second place for ecotourism. We're always looking for a virginal paradise in the world. And I'm sure the Northern Marianas is still a virginal paradise destination. For people who live in the city and want to go out for adventure somewhere where it's quiet," the legislator suggested.

Meantime, Crisostimo credited the chairman of the Tinian Legislative Delegation, Sen. Joseph Mendiola, for approving the lateral transfer of the idle generators from the Second Senatorial District to the Third Senatorial District.

"This is the first of a few cases of somebody from Tinian helping the Third Senatorial District, somebody from a small community helping a big senatorial district," the Saipan senator stated.

February 2, 2004

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