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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, Mar. 17) - Promoters of the "Kings University Solomon Islands Medical Campus" have been criticized for the deceitful approach in advertising their supposedly existence in Solomon Islands.

The Kings University web site has given the strong impression that the venture already has existing infrastructure and is ready to admit students.

But at close observation, the web site used photographs of buildings in Honiara, including the Anthony Saru Building, which have absolutely no connection, and portrayed them as the actual university.

It also had an aerial photograph of the supposed Kings University campus - which in fact does not exist in Solomon Islands.

It is understood that most of the photographs in the web site were taken from the People First Network web site without permission, and have now been removed.

But a concerned Honiara resident say the impression of an existing facility remains.

The web site had semester dates that showed courses current, and starting in October 2003, which had recently been changed to give a later 2004 starting date.

The Honiara resident says he would be very angry if he were an overseas student who had been deceived into thinking that this is a reality now, whilst the fact is that it does not even exist.

He says this sort of thing threatens the country's international reputation and prestige.

March 18, 2004

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp.:


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