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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Mar. 22) - Plans are afoot for a special operation to eradicate wild pigs, cockatoos and parrots on some Milne Bay islands because they are destroying food gardens resulting in food shortages for the islanders.

This follows a recommendation by an assessment team from the National Disaster Center which visited the islands to the north of the province last year.

The team found that the main reason that more than 600 villagers of Kaduwaga on Kaileuna Island in the Kirriwina Local Level Government area had run out of food was that these animals had attacked food gardens.

Other outlying islands also faced similar problems.

Cockatoos and parrots have become pests on these islands, eating up bananas and even attacking crops like cassava and sweet potato.

The special operation, the team recommended, should be coordinated by police.

The National Agriculture Research Institute and Department of Agriculture and Livestock have been asked to help the islanders establish food security.

Water security was also a major need for the islanders.

The hardest hit were about 10,000 islanders in the Woodlark, Kirriwina and the Dobu LLGs.

March 23, 2004

Papua New Guinea Post-Courier:


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