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APIA, Samoa (Tala Nei News, Mar. 12) – The message must sent out to youth and the wider community that throwing stones at passing motor vehicles will not be tolerated and will be met with imprisonment, Justice Vui Clarence Nelson said in District Court this week.

Justice Nelson was passing sentence on Sonny Fausia, 21, of Vaiusu, who was jailed for six months for throwing stones and ordered to pay $250 and $500 in restitution for willful damage.

The court heard that Fausia was drinking alcohol with friends along the road at Tuanaimato, opposite the Soccer Federation's fields, on September 13 last year when the offenses occurred.

A passing vehicle struck and killed Fausia's pet dog, angering him.

"The defendant's reaction was to throw rocks at other passing vehicles," Justice Nelson said. "It's clear from the evidence that none of these vehicles had run over the defendant's dog."

The owners of the vehicles were innocent victims, he said.

Justice Nelson said a similar case was before the court recently where it was made clear that such behavior was unacceptable, with the offender jailed for nine months.

Sentences imposed for such intolerable behavior was terms of imprisonment and that was the message sent out to youth and the wider community. land of the unexpected.

March 23, 2004

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