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ALOFI, Niue (Niue News, Mar. 25) - Niue Premier Young Vivian has announced that most of the aid money requested by a cyclone recovery plan will go towards upgrading housing on the island.

The nation of Niue, with 1,300 residents, is asking aid donors to contribute NZ$37 million for a total facelift following the devastation left by Cyclone Heta in January.

New Zealand, a former colonial administrator, is likely to be the main contributor. It has already paid out $5 million for emergency rehabilitation but prior to the cyclone earmarked $10million to replace asbestos roofing on island homes that were built by the New Zealand government following the 1959 and 1960 devastating cyclones.

Mr Vivian said much of the latest recovery plan the government has drawn up focuses on rebuilding or repairing 260 houses on the island. About 300 houses on Niue are uninhabited and considered unsafe; they were abandoned by owners who over the past 40 years have migrated to New Zealand.

Mr Vivian said all houses need re-roofing because of an asbestos scare and many need re-lining, new electrical wiring and plumbing.

Mr Vivian says some money is targeted for public buildings but most of it will go on housing because many more people need to be housed.

Vivian said while 60 houses are being built, he would like an additional 40.

March 25, 2004

Niue News:


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