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By Sanjay Goundar

SUVA, Fiji (FijiSUN, Mar. 30) - Hindus across Fiji today celebrate the religious festival of Ram Naumi, which marks the birth of the supreme lord.

After performing religious rituals for the last nine days with scriptures read from the holy Ramayan, devotees will celebrate Lord Rama’s birth at midday today.

According to the Ramayan, thousands of years back there lived a demon king, Ravana, who became very cruel to all mankind, including the gods.

Frustrated with his torturing, the earth goddess changed herself into a cow and with a number of priests and gods approached the supreme godhead Vishnu.

Upon hearing these people’s plea, Vishnu assured them that he would adopt a human form and destroy the demon king. When the time came for the birth of Lord Rama the entire universe was filled with excitement.

Lord Rama lived on, serving many underprivileged people in his kingdom and also freed the world from the cruelty of Ravana.

Though many centuries and decades have passed, people today still remember this religious festival and celebrate the lord’s birth.

Like other Hindu religious festivals, the Ram Naumi also symbolises the victory of good over evil.

March 30, 2004



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