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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (PFnet, April 3) - The people of the Weather Coast will get better communications under a partnership between PFnet, the UNDP PeacePac project and the NPC.

PFnet revealed today that discussions are well under way to locate a community email station in Avu Avu on the much troubled, but now recovering Weathercoast of Guadalcanal.

The project will entail cost sharing between PFnet and the UNDP PeacePac project and will be deployed and maintained in collaboration with the National Peace Council.

For PeacePac, the deployment will help crises prevention and recovery through better communications, in an area which was notoriously cut off and under represented. The project will also utilize the connectivity to all communities connected by Pfnet to encourage feedback and flow of information connected with peace building.

A special interactive section of the PFnet web site is planned, and digests will be published for further dissemination via other forms of media. Rural feedback will be facilitated through the PFnet committees and Paralegals of the Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT).

The project will also work with NPC to provide mentoring services for participants on the Weather Coast. The NPC will also benefit from better communications with it's outpost there.

PFnet Technical Advisor told the PFnet News desk that PFnet had long considered the Weather Coast as a priority for the network.

"Our network is community driven", he explained, "and email stations are deployed following an approach to us by members of the community. Until recently, none has come from rural Guadalcanal, and that explains why we have not reached there yet. However, we now have at least two current submissions from the province under consideration."

The PFnet contribution to the Avu Avu station will come from funds under New Zealand Aid assistance.

April 5, 2004



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