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ULAWA ISLAND, Solomon Islands (PFnet News, April 14) - The recent spate of bad weather affecting the Solomon Islands caused extensive damage on Ulawa Island.

PFnet Pirupiru community email station in Ulawa reports that the heavy rains on Sunday resulted in severe flooding which caused damage to recently built bridges and culverts at Amau and Su'utoliato villages.

The damage to the Amau Bridge has closed all means of road transport from the eastern side of Ulawa to Arona airport in the southern tip of the island.

At Su'utoliato village, the recently repaired culvert was totally washed away - cutting off road transport from villages of southeast Ulawa to the wharf at Moli.

Damage to the bridge and culvert is estimated at SBD$65,000 (US$8,846).

Reports from PFnet Pirupiru community email station in Ulawa reveal that the Provincial Works authorities at Kirakira had been informed of these damages and are strongly urged to secure funds for repairs.

Reports reaching Pirupiru Email Station (PFnet 2) had indicated widespread damages to other villages in north west Ulawa.

Customers to the Pirupiru Email Station (PFnet 2) are being continuously informed of the latest automated weather reports from Fiji MET Service in Nadi.

April 15, 2004

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