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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (April 28) – The time has come for Papua New Guinea to have a woman governor-general. The time is right and the nation is ready for it. So, we appeal to all male members of Parliament in both the Government and the Opposition to give the candidacy of Nahau Rooney serious thought.

Mrs Rooney is more than qualified for the vice-regal position. She was our first woman minister in the government, a mother and grand mother, a strong advocate for a better PNG, a women’s leader who wants women to be given better recognition for their role in nation-building and someone with a good standing in the community.

Since 1975, we have voted only men into Government House, creating a false impression that it is a man’s only house. Not so.

New Zealand has shown the rest of the Pacific the way by having a woman governor-general. So, what is the difference?

PNG women are qualified to hold the post of Governor-General and Mrs Rooney’s name has been proposed by the only woman in Parliament — Social Welfare Minister Lady Carol Kidu. 

Parliament now has a real opportunity to put a woman into Government House and it will be a great day of joy and celebration for all women in PNG if Parliament expressed its confidence in the candidacy of Mrs Rooney. 

Mrs Rooney is a woman of wisdom. Her experiences, unparalleled knowledge of the nation and its achievements, challenges and the aspirations of its people lend credibility to her nomination. She is a woman who can understands the complex world of international diplomacy but at the same time relate with great pride and humility to her grassroots upbringing.

Parliament will send a strong message to the nation that women are equal partners in national development and occupy a special place in this country if it chose a woman to be our next Governor-General. Her appointment would bring dignity to the post and PNG will receive international recognition throughout the Commonwealth if this became a reality. The time is right and the nation is waiting to see how the male-dominated Parliament will vote on May 11.

April 29, 2004

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