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PAPEETE, Tahiti (Tahitipresse, May 31) - The combined average occupancy rate for 14 big hotels in Tahiti was the highest so far this year in April at 61.9 percent, marking the first time since last November that the average surpassed 60 percent, according to statistics provided by the Hotel Professionals Council.

April was also the fourth straight month that the average rate increased after beginning the year at 52 percent.

The April rate was slightly better than the year ago rate of 60.4 percent and last year’s May rate of 61.8 percent.

But the true test of whether Tahiti’s tourism is really back on its feet will come next month, considering that last June’s rate was 67.9 percent.

This April’s results were the highest so far this year and higher than a year ago in all categories, with the three hotels on the island of Tahiti reaching a combined occupancy rate of 70.4 percent. It was the first time this year these hotels reached 70 percent occupancy. Last year these hotels did not reach 70 percent until July (74.5 percent).

April also was a drastically improved month for the council’s seven Bora Bora hotels, which had a combined average occupancy rate of 61.9 percent after three months of about 40 percent.

Last year, these seven hotels did not break out of the 40 percent level until June (56.1 percent), jumping to a yearly high of 70.4 percent in July.

The council’s two hotels on Moorea improved their average occupancy rate in April to 56.9 percent, up from the low 50s for the first three months. Last year these hotels had a rate of 53.8 percent in April.

The council’s two other hotels in the outer islands reached a combined average occupancy rate of 30.21 percent in April, better than the high 20s percent for the first three months and better than the year ago rate of 28.65 percent.

June 2, 2004

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