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Mateni Tapueluelu

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (Taimi o Tonga, June 6) - A noble Member of Parliament has spoken out against King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, saying that "there has never been a King that has incurred more losses to the country than this King."

Noble Vaha’i, from Tongatapu District, was cautioning members of Parliament following a speech by the King at the recent opening of this year’s session in which he said there were investors due to visit Tonga soon who would invest up to $100 million.

It is customary for Parliament to draft a response to the King after his speech at the opening. Vaha’i, however, was adamant that a caution to the King needs to be included in the response.

He said there were too many con men who had come to Tonga, "and went straight to the King" without being checked. "They then end up leaving the country with the money, and we are left with nothing."

His motion however was not accepted by the House, and the response to the King’s speech was delivered without any fanfare.

Government ministers in Parliament were unable to reveal who the investors the King was talking about are.

They also would not answer questions as to what kind of projects the King had in mind for the proposed investors.

June 7, 2004

Taimi o Tonga:


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