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SUVA, Fiji (FijiSUN, June 21) - Eighteen months after Cyclone Ami, residents in the northern islands are still awaiting relief rations and rehabilitation remains incomplete.

This is what Opposition leader Mick Beddoes found out after visiting the islands of Kioa, Rabi and Kasavu.

"This operational blunder is absolutely disgraceful and it demonstrated yet again the high level of incompetence that exists within certain sectors of the civil service," said Mr. Beddoes.

He said it was obvious that the government was unable or unwilling to make any improvements in the delivery of goods and services to the people in a timely manner.

"And this is supposed to happen after the chief executive officers are appointed. Fiji citizens are fast becoming the ‘vosota’ (forgiving) community, putting up with sub-standard to very poor service from the government."

People, he added, should realize that they were paying civil servants $50 million (US$27,774,691) a month in salaries and wages yet services could not be delivered to them.

"The Public Service Commission has failed miserably in its response to effectively manage the workforce of government and the system no longer has the capability to deliver basic services to the people," he said.

While survivors from the cyclone await State help, those who suffered during the flash floods in recent weeks have joined the queue.

Residents had said they were disappointed with the way food rations were distributed during the natural disasters and asked the government to improve its supply.

June 22, 2004



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