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By Evelyne Toa - l'Independent

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Port Villa Presse, June 23) - It has been reported that the Vanuaaku Party (VP) is seeking to raise an amount of Vt 20 million (US$6 million) to cover the July 6 snap election costs.

A letter was circulated around a number of business houses in Port Vila, seeking donations to cover the cost being incurred by the VP faction under Interim Prime Minister Edward Natapei.

The letter circulated contains details on how unconditional payments might be made to VP to assist it be successful in the forthcoming elections.

Sources within the VP said that since 1980, the party normally only raises between Vt 3 to 4 million to cover an election, and seeking the huge amount of Vt 20 million for July will otherwise be difficult !

"The only large amount ever raised for previous general elections, was Vt 23 million in 1993," stated VP sources.

They said the VP only asks for money without strings attached and cannot give or accept promises.

However, the Vanuatu court was supposed to give judgment over the appeal case concerning the Lingarak executive put forward by Donald Kalpokas’s faction, when The Independent went to print this morning.

Last week, Justice Treston said that the claimants (D. Kalpokas, Molisa, etc...) did not have an arguable case.

The Kalpokas group claims the executive council elected last October at Lingarak was invalid.

Some VP leaders decided to rock the boat, following disciplinary measures and the ‘forced’ dissolution of the national parliament, which came after a President of the Republic of Vanuatu could not be elected last April after four attempts.

Many would say the situation is like a ship without a captain and beginning to sink!

June 25, 2004

Port Vila Presse:


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